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Stolen Shroud is by far the best Christian thriller in recent memory.  Nothing about the story is vanilla, shallow, or naive.  This is a tour de force of very real and mature struggles with faith and skepticism packaged inside a gripping science fantasy rollercoaster.  Magic, love, and gritty adventure are seamlessly interwoven into a high-tech, philosophical, far-reaching narrative that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very last page. Not to be missed.

– Joshua David, author of Amazon bestseller Seed: Judgement

The book switches back and forth chapter by chapter [from
present to past]. At first, I found this annoying. Why do I give a rip about
this guy’s childhood when I want to know what happened to the Shroud? However,
as time went on, I found something happening.

While I came skeptical and at first was having a hard time
getting into it, before too long, I found out that I was. I wanted to know what
happened. I found, in the end, a story with many threads that weaved together
in a wonderful way.

The villain of this story was one of the most diabolical ones that I have come across
and it was fascinating how all of that came together. . .  This was truly one of the great villains.

– Nick Peters, host of Deeper Waters apologetic podcast


Stolen Shroud is Christian literature at its finest. The fascinating mystery of the disappearance of the Shroud of Turin is complemented perfectly by issues about doubt and skepticism. Christians and non-Christians alike will agree that this perfect package of sci-fi, religion and humanity, is not like any other book out there. It’s depth and personality sticks with you.

– Brandon Crowther, owner of AffordableEditors.com


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His faith was in tatters. And after being so close. Professor Mark Eberhart was set to carbon date the Shroud of Turin. He was going to finally find out if this relic was real, and if it could revive his dwindling Christian faith. But the Shroud was stolen right in front of him . . . by thieves who possessed super human powers.

But that’s not the reason for Mark’s sudden crisis of faith. As he and journalist Cora Byron attempted to recover the Shroud, he learned the disturbing news. At the same time he was scheduled to test the Shroud, other scientists were running DNA tests on the supposed lost bones of Jesus—tests which proved that these were, in fact, the real bones of Christ. And that the Resurrection never happened.




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